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DACK Partners with OwnerRez PMS

By Blog, PMS

DACK, leading provider of guest solutions technology, is excited to officially announce the launch of our partnership and integration with industry-leading PMS, OwnerRez.

This partnership launches after collaborative efforts to offer the best solutions for property management and guest experience together to short-term rental managers.

With one click inside the DACK dashboard, OwnerRez users’ listing and reservation data get integrated into DACK and they can start offering the most intuitive experience to their guests.

Interested in learning more about OwnerRez? Check out their website here.

DACK Launches Integration with Yale

By Blog, IoT

One of the premier STR and vacation rental digital key + key-code lock brands, Yale Assure, now integrates with DACK to offer seamless, contactless check-in for any property. 

With DACK and a Wifi-enabled Yale Smart Lock, property managers are able to automate key turnovers for guests based on PMS reservations, create unique codes for staff and maintenance, and monitor door activity at any time with real-time tracking and notifications.

Versatile enough for any type of property, DACK and Yale combine to offer a consistent, comfortable, and secure experience no matter where guests travel to.

DACK is the only guest-facing solution built for travel accommodations that can enable Digital Key access- the future of access control. With the Yale Assure brand of locks, property managers are able to offer three tiers of locks for total peace of mind: digital keys, key-codes, and physical hard keys.

Make sure you are getting the most out of your Yale locks by partnering with DACK.

DACK Partners with Guesty

By Blog, PMS

DACK, a leading provider of guest experience technology has partnered with Guesty one of the world’s leading PMS solutions to help operators deliver reliable and consistent stay experiences. 

This partnership will bridge the technological gap between DACK and Guesty, allowing mutual partners of both technologies to seamlessly and efficiently operate their property management businesses. We look forward to continuing to provide excellent guest solutions to partners of both DACK and Guesty.

Please reach out to us if you are a DACK client interesting in learning more about Guesty, or if you are a Guesty client interested in learning more about DACK. Connect with us here.